Author Topic: Who used the boxes in the Mariinsky Theatre before The Revolution?  (Read 631 times)

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I made a Google search about Mariinsky Theatre, Opera House. I was in fact interested about the interiors and boxes in this theatre before the Revolution in 1917. The reason to this is I know a family that claims their family used to have the box number 2. and this makes me wonder a lot. I understand it must have been so that some families had boxes of their own - but in Mariinsky Theatre and number 2.!!!??? I started naturally to think that in case this family had a box with that tiny number who might have had the box number 1.???

On Wikipedia page they tell there was an other theatre in the Winter Palace e g for some quest of the Tsar family. Then there is a picture of a box in Marijnsky Theatre with the following text: "Although this box was not officially referred to as the "Tsar's Box", this box is where the Emperor and his family always sat when attending performances at the theatre." Now I am still wondering had this box some number and in that case was its number 1. or what? And I am still wondering if this is the box number 1. where was the box number 2. situated - next to box 1. or maybe on the other side of the theatre??? And in case they were situated next to each others what family could sit next to the Tsar family??? To me this is something unbelievable and more unbelievable in case somebody says that the family having box number 2. was not even a noble family???!!!

What do I know about the family that is said to have been using the box number 2.? Their daughter was singing male roles in this opera already as young. She did have main roles in such operas as eg Faust, Tosca, Traviata, La Boheme, Butterfly her last part as Tatjana in Eugen Onegin before she left the county when all her relatives had been killed around 1918-20. The family was a Huguenot family and had its roots in France from where their ancestor had left the country before the French Revolution and he has been said to have been some Count in France. I have always thought this kind of a family from Russia is some emigrants but recently I heard their daughter say that we were no emigrants... And the reason to this might be - as I understood it - they had been escorted out of Russia by some embassy and not fled as some others. However, they were not allowed to take anything out of the country. Later Hitler's men asked this family who are you - are you Jews? Those times it was still possible to enter some registers and a direct male line to some Count in France was found and this saved the family from Hitler's actions. However, the family didn't have the money to take out any such documents those days and today it seems to be impossible to get any information anywhere. This daughter, the opera singer, had a husband that is said to have been a top name on the lists of the Bolsheviks to be killed and probably he left Russia via Sevastopol with some papers from the Consulate of Belgium. Those documents are still left and readable. This family never had any Nansen's passports. Somewhere I red that into the country where they ended came a heterogenous group of emigrants from Russia, but also some very few but most high noble people from Russia. In the country where they then lived nobody has ever mentioned there could be some 'most high Russian nobles' living there... So this is a mystery! 

This box number 2. makes me wonder a lot what family could this kind of a family be??? There are some hints somewhere that this could be some kind of a noble family by its roots but nothing official today.

If it could be possible I would naturally ask Marijnsky Theatre if they know something about the box number 2. in times before the Revolution!!! But maybe this matter is a more suitable case for this discussion forum.

Do you get some thoughts, ideas or opinions in this kind of a matter?