Author Topic: What hereditary diseases are known among old nobility?  (Read 753 times)

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What hereditary diseases are known among old nobility?
« on: July 21, 2021, 02:29:15 AM »
What hereditary diseases are known among nobility - must be old families?

Everybody knows about the blood bleeding illness haemophilia in the Russian Tsar family. But are there other known hereditary diseases among the people having some older noble roots? Somewhere I read that some old Russian noble people where short. Then I have understood some noble people are very tall. What about the French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, whose parents were first cousins and who belonged to some old noble family? He was a very short man and there must have been something wrong with his body even if he seems not to have been some dwarf.

My both grandmothers were 'very' short, but they both had very tall sons, my uncles. They had only a few daughters. My mother is not so very tiny, but her sister is so huge, she had to stop dancing ballet... But my birth family where we have these both grandmothers... we have problems... we have some hereditary bone illness that is very rare and we have got it from the sides of our both parents... and years ago when this was discovered the doctors just told this is some illness due to some decay of the bones... However, I am not any  dwarf...

I used to be a blood donor... but then they suddenly didn't want my blood any more even if I don't have the most common blood group and I had often been called to donate... I never got any explanation... Then sometimes in the late 1980s some things happened to me and then I was tested if I was a carrier of haemophilia... I still have the mark on my left arm and it is almost 2 cm long. I was wondering as I thought this must be an impossibility!

Now I am wondering what kind of hereditary diseases have been found among some noble people, however, not very fresh such families... However, I am not claiming I could have some noble roots, but I am just wondering what is known in this kind of a matter. Do you carry any you know of?