Author Topic: Some noble family background reason to become killed in Northern countries???  (Read 2102 times)

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Olof Palme in Sweden, Anders Breivik in Norway, Kids of Bodom in Finland... family background as motives to become killed?

One could understand there is a lot of people with all kind of noble backgrounds back in older times. Their roots are hidden and probably they don't know anything about them themselves. At least in Finland such a background can impossibly be even talked about as it is not any kingdom as Sweden and Norway as the Grand Duchy of Finland had ceased to exist already in 1917.

The motive for murdering the Swedish Social democrat Prime Minister Olof Palme has not been found and not even the person (those persons behind his murder) who committed his murder. He had not only some noble roots - Baltic - but even some Jewish roots? Anders Breivik killed kids on some Social democrat camp. And what about the kids of Bodom killed in Finland and murdered very ruthlessly? What about if in all these cases the victims background has been the real reason and motive in one way or other as well as them being in some kind of wrong place in the society in one way or other?

What about if the kids of Bodom in Finland had some very high background and in the case of the most damaged kid - a girl - the possibility could even be that she was not the correct girl to be killed... but became killed in spite of someone else. This murder took place as early as in 1960.  She carried the strange firs name Irmeli as do some at least to me peculiar women in this country. Even the wife of the President and Nobel price winner Martti Ahtisaari carries this first name. This wife of his is a very well education woman, but has been completely invisible in the Finnish society through all times. Ahtisaari has somewhat strange background here as Norwegian and born in the strange city of Vyborg now in the Russian area. So this Bodom girl has peculiar first names as her second name is 'maila'... this could mean in English to mail - to send some letter or take contact in some important case... but this word in Finnish means even a 'racquet' that sounds very French as well as that it is a weapon to hit with... Sounds not only funny but very strange a first name can mean this kind of things!

Both the case of Olof Palme and the kids of Bodom has stayed unsolved and it could suit this kind of motive as nobody wants to talk here about some noble backgrounds and that having been the real reason to become murdered. At least in Finland there for sure seems to be a real mess with people's backgrounds and nobody here knows anymore about their own real background except maybe some in the older generation already passing away all together. These murders could also be some kind of hidden honor violence cases. Honor violence seems to be increasing in the Northern countries even if it said it has with the immigrant groups of today to do. But maybe even in both cases the historical motive is if not exactly then almost the same - the family roots and its background and its position in the society. The police investigators in these cases seem just to go around some hot porridge and in case they know they however cannot put into daylight this kind of motives and background reasons.