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RE: Might this 'Ukraine-problem' be in some ways some question of the Jews or is connected with it??? Just horrible and horryfying??? / Hi Newspaper in Helsinki... Be carefull when you publish photos of people connected with this Ukraine-problem... now we have seen in one picture the person who takes care of things in The USA Embassy here who is not the Ambassador... and such seems not to excist at the moment and the reason is what... and an other person who takes care of some refugee transports from Ukraine to Finland... The President of Ukraine as well as the Prime Minister of Ukraine are Jews... and the Russian-Jewish businessman Mr. Michail Khodorkovsky has been interviewed... So what about if there is some kind of Jewish-problemacy going on even in Ukraine... is it for sure it has nothing to do with Israel... and isn't it so that Israels has some connectiong with USA in its present situation... I don't know anything so I need to ask somebody, but there is none to ask anything about... I don't know much about the Jews except that they are still waiting for their King to come... and I have understood some are (deeply) religious believing in our God (are many of them in Israel?)... then there are those who are (very) secularized... and then there are all kind of criminals as in many other groups of people, too... and what kind of Jews more? I have also understood that there has been a very severe Covid19 problem in Israel... so now I am very worried even if I have nothing to do with the Jewish-questions... And hasn't somebody from the Russian side, maybe Mr. Vladimir Putin himself, said something that this Ukraine-question has something to do with the Nazies... So what a horrible mess all this is??? I only understand it is such a mess nobody from outside should involve with this mess and should only stay very neutral and impartial... We here in Finland also have a lot of people, our own people, who should be helped so there is also some hypocrisy involved in all this... and such as all kind of aid-organizations and others offering their help are having people among them whose real and own motives nobody knows... and what a mess all kind of bullshit solders nobody knows where they come from can cause... and nobody can handle this kind of masses of people running now all around our Europe not knowing where to go and what to do and having no housing or money... This seems to be a horrible chaos and what else can one think than that soon this will end into some World War III... Greetings, Amely 13th of March, 2022...