Author Topic: Does anybody know something about the owners of private train wagons?  (Read 3092 times)

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What kind of people did have some train wagons of their own for their private use? Did they usually own the wagons or were there probably some wagons that were hired for some private use?

Is it possible to get to know somewhere something about of the owners of the private train wagons?

What kind of travelling did they do with their private wagons?

What happened to the wagons after The Revolution?

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VIPs and the very wealthy in Russia and elsewhere had their own rail cars for transportation purposes back then like the VIPs of today ect. have private planes. In Russia pre WW I and many years after if you wanted to travel any distance you pretty much had to travel by rail.

Grand Duke Nicholas N while has was commander of the Russian Army 1914-15 had his own train to travel around in.

I would say most of the private rail cars in Russia were destroyed after the revolution except for a few the high ranking Bolsheviks managed to get for there own use.