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Yacht "Foros"
« on: September 16, 2022, 10:07:07 PM »
I do research on Faberge, and came across a nautical themed egg shaped pendant in an auction catalog. The egg is gold and features an anchor, ships wheel, two blue and white flags (white background quartered with a vertical and horizontal blue stripe - it looks like the 'Flag of St. George' used in the Crimean War) and inscribed with the word 'Foros'. The description for the pendant says "The Yacht 'Foros' was the private boat of Emperor Nicholas II as opposed to the official State Yacht 'Standard'. The 'Foros' was based at the private Imperial Yacht Club at Sebastapol."

I have never heard of this yacht and my research didn't turn up anything about Nicholas II owning it. All I could find was a painting on Wikipedia of the Foros being launched, with the following description:

"'FOROS' was the Tsar's brother's private yacht. First owner Aleksandr Kuznetsov (tea trader), sold to second owner Eugen Maximilianovich, 5th Duke of Leuchtenberg, he renamed her 'Stanita'. Sold in March 1896 to Grand Duke George Alexandrovich of Russia, the brother of Nicholas II, the "Tsarevich" of 1896 since Nicholas II had no heir by that time, also used by his mother Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar of Denmark) till his death in 1899. Then passed onto his younger brother Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia (born in 1878), who became "Tsarevich" on the death of George; the new owner Grand Duke Michael renamed her in 1896 Zarnista. During World War I it served as a hospital ship until 1917. It sank during a storm in the port of Kronstadt and was refloated by the Bolsheviks."

I was hoping someone could let me know whether or not Nicholas II ever owned the yacht. I'm trying to determine who the egg pendant would have been made for, though it seems like Grand Duke George is the most likely recipient.

Any information is welcome.

Thank you!