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Dear All,
a mysterious book wanders through this Forum: Jacques Ferrand "Les Youssoupoff". Does anyone know were to get that book? Is there a way to find some abridgements on the net?
Best wishes,

I've heard the book is only in French and is full of rare photos.

The book is rare and extremly hard to find. I've been hunting it down for several months now and no one seems to have it.  :-\ :-\

Yes, it's in French.  Title :  Les Princes Youssoupoff  and Les Contes Soumarkoff-Elston with a foreword by Pr Michel Romanv,  Paris 1991.  I believe it was self-published; therefore, a limited number of copies.  Many of the photos are Collection of Mme Xenia Sfyris. It is a good book to have but it also contains several factual errors.  This is true of any history.  I don't know where it can be obtained now.

I had never even heard of this book until I came up an auction on ebay for it. At that time the bid for it was around 45.oo and I thought about bidding on it, however once the price jumped, I realized I could not afford it.

Has anyone ever heard of this book? Is it a limited released book? Or is it sold at the gift shop at the palace? It had some nice pictures in it and I'm really interested in buying it, if I can find it...


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