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I have often read how the Tsar's bathtub in the Alexander Palace was quite huge and more like a small indoor swimming pool than a bathtub. So I was very pleased to actually see a picture of it in the Nicholas & Alexandra exhibition catalog (pg. 17). I had never seen the actual tub before, just pictures of the bathroom.

From what the picture shows, it certainly looks rather deep. The book says that the swimming bath held almost 5,000 gallons of water! I was wondering if what the picture shows is the full extent of the bathtub, or did it continue off to the right outside the range of the picture? Also, does anyone know how deep this pool was? It was certainly big and deep enough for Nicholas to "paddle about" and swim in it, as he wrote in his diary, and for Anastasia to jump down onto it from the side platform. It must have been quite remarkable to bathe in this - no wonder it was a treat for the children!

Nicholas being smaller the tub was not as big as one might think.  I would say around 4ft deep, 7-8ft wide and 4ft wide - there's my guess...

Nicholas saw the bath at the Bielovezh Palace -  it had been built for him there and he had one like it built for himself at the Alexander Palace.

can someone please scan the photo and put it online for those of us who may never see the catalog?  thanks.

Joanna - I am not sure how Nicholas came to have the bathtub installed in his Polish palace.  It was there right at the beginning of his reign so it may have been installed or ordered in his father's reign.



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