Author Topic: Are there any pictures of Alexei with....[Sergei, Ella, or Vladimirovichi?]  (Read 4301 times)

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I was just wondering if there are any pictures of Alexei with his uncle Serge? Also is there any with his aunt Ella? What about about Aunt Michen and Uncle Vladimir? I suppose I just don't see any images showing him with relatives outside his inner family circle, and was wondering if there were any pictures in existance.
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Re: Are there any pictures of Alexei with....
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Interesting question. I can't recall ever seeing a photo of Aleksei with Sergei Aleksandrovich or the Vladimirovichi. GD Sergei was assassinated in 1905, so Aleksei would have been only a baby at that time. And given the imperial couple's relationship with the Vladimirovichi, I'm not surprised that I haven't seen photos of them together.

I have a number of photos of OTMA with GD Ella, but I can only find three that include both Ella and Aleksei. I'd hesitate to call them pictures of Ella and Aleksei *together* -- as you can see, they're really just in the general vicinity of each other in procession rather than actually posing together:

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